February 24th, 2018
10 am – 5pm
Charlottesville, Virginia

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This is the place where women come together to connect with each other, heal, and inspire each other.  You dig deep to figure out the vision for your life, your health, and the relationship to yourself. You dig deep about your relationship to food and your self image to come out feeling amazing, loving, compassionate, inspired, and peaceful with a sense of self trust and clarity you never knew was within you.

What will be going down:
>> What soul-aligned goals are and how to set them
>> Cultivating daily habits to achieve your goals
>> Getting rid of past junk that blocks you from being your best self and reaching your goals
>> Feeling amazing in your body as it is now
>> Mindful eating 
>> Yoga and meditation/visualization sessions
>> Mind/body connection
>> MORE!


WHO: Any lady who is called to strengthening her commitment to herself and her health to show up fully in her life as her best self.

WHAT: A 2-day retreat surrounded by like-minded women that will be packed with soulful workshops, yoga, great food (lunch and snacks will be provided), and more goodies!

WHERE: In a beautiful house in Charlottesville, Va.  (Please register for more specifics)

WHEN: Saturday, February 24th from 10am – 4pm or 5pm (depending on how much fun we have!)

WHY: Because you deserve to feel amazing in your body, life, and relationships every. damn. day.





I would love to see you there! Share with anyone who is interested and may want to come with you–I am giving a discount for those who bring a friend!

Love, Lucy

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