Raw Food Essentials: Day 1

Today was our first day actually creating and making good! I was nervous, but everyone was nice and supportive. Being the youngest one in the class with the lest experience can do that to you though, I guess. In the morning, we went though quick rotations making dishes that we had seen demos of in the Raw Fundamentals class, like almond cheese, pizza crackers, granola, brownies, and more! I still feel like we are being babied a bit because everything was brought out to us in pre-measured amounts, and the instructors were explaining the whole process before we did anything. Considering we (well, me at least) don’t know much at all about making raw food their way, it seems the best thing to do at this stage.
Lunch was amazing today! We had this cashew cream cheese Alfredo sauce on zucchini pasta, and it was so delicious!
In the afternoon, we made out own sushi. This meant cutting up all the vegetables and practicing what we learned in Knife Skills yesterday. For almost all of the cuts, I was super proud of myself–which was definitely surprising. Who knew such a simple thing as cutting a carrot into a super thin julienne would be so satisfying? I found myself saying, “well done Ms. Call” or “look at you Ms. Call” for the really good ones, like the carrots or cucumber (embarrassingly, haha). They are hard to cut when you try to get really precise!
The sushi rolling was so much fun, because I love sushi! I don’t think I’ve ever successfully rolled any before, not that I’ve really tried either, but I was super proud if my rolls when they came out and stuck together!

(Here are are som pics I took when I brought them home…they don’t look as good, but I am still happy about them no matter what!)

All I all, it was a wonderful first day of getting my hands into raw good preparation!



Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I will have an update soon!

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