Raw Food Essentials: Day 2

What a wonderful day in the kitchen. I feel more comfortable already, and it’s only my fourth day total. We always start out day off well with a green smoothie to get in those greens and phytonutrients.
Today was so wonderful because it was all about the gastronomy. This is basically the experience and connection with food–ie: EATING! The morning was all about flavor balancing and coming up with new flavors and learning about how they all affect the other flavors. I feel like I am a stupid taster, because I can’t just come up with ideas of flavor combinations on the spot. I also seem to be the slowest worker in the class, which is somewhat frustrating. However, I just have to assume it all comes with practice and experience, and hopefully I will be able to improve!
In the afternoon we made an incredible apple crumble torte a la mode. It was so incredible–definitely a delicacy. My station partners and I put so much work and effort into making it pretty (“we eat with our eyes first!”, as they say), when we finally unveiled the final product, I hardly wanted to cut into it. Though the need to see if the sight lived up to the taste was stronger, and boy was it incredible. These chefs are into something, because they knew exactly how to make this raw dish feel cooked. I was impressed, to say the least.
Here is final product of the the whole torte:



Once we put it with the ice cream (raw, of course) it was ultimate



They made us wait so long before we could eat it, all part of the gastronomy. We closed our eyes while tasting it so we could really enjoy and notice all of the flavors and qualities working in it’s favor as a feel good, all-American dessert. And I had NO problem with that.

However, it was off to Italy to make our own dinner after the treat, where we learned how to make simple zucchini pasta with two sauces. I was still pretty proud of my work, though raw pasta is one of the simplest dishes to make. It was tasty, and that’s what counts!


Three things that I learned in school today were this:

1. The taste of garlic will never leave your mouth (especially if you eat it in every meal)
2. “It’s just food!” You can substitute a ton of ingredients and still have the product you want
3. Have faith in the recipe–even if it seems like you could only pay someone to eat part of a salad dressing, the end product might just end up being something you’d pay for.

Culinary school works you hard–long days on your feet and cleanup afterwards. It is so much more fun than any other type of school though, and I am kind of happy in this state of exhaustion.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

PS: please excuse any typos, my computer is not up and running yet, so I am writing from my phone–so sorry!

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