Essentials Day 3: Fruits of the Mother

Today seemed so different than usual. We had more talks and demos than usual, and the topic for almost all of them were fruit! My horizon was expanded a bit as I learned that fruits encompassed more than just the sweet type. Anything with a seed inside is a fruit, so cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and avocados are included in the group! We also learned how to cut up various challenging fruits like pineapples and mangos.
Today might have felt a little bit different from normal because Cherie Soria, the founder of the school, was teaching us for the entire morning.

Here is a picture I got with her! (Make sure you appreciate the display of fruits and veggies–it was so incredible!)


In the afternoon we got some hands on experience with planting wheatgrass seeds and sunflower seeds! We also transferred out clover sprouts (more like the ones you’d find on a sandwich) into a larger jar so that they will grow. I hope I have them enough love. I sang to them a bit and baby-voice talked to them, calling them “I miei bambini” (my little babies, in Italian).

I am still finding myself being the last person to finish anything. When making tortilla wraps in the afternoon, I realized that me being a perfectionist might be the cause of this as well as some lack of years in kitchen experience. However, people have taken to calling me sweetie or honey in the kitchen cause I am the youngest, and I have to say, I kind of like it (which is weird because I usually can’t stand any names like that!)

On a different note, I had more energy today because I ate a lot of fruit, so I decided to go on a run. I had to stop in the middle and catch my breath when I saw the gorgeous views of the beach!




But seriously–someone tell me that it is not breath-taking!

Anyways, some things I learned today:
1.) Avocados are fruits!
2.) When making green smoothies with kale or any dark, leafy greens, it is good to add pineapple as well because your body can absorb more protein from the leaves!
3.) Cherie Soria genuinely talks like she is enthusiastically teaching–it’s not a show or any special voice to sell her school or product, she is just really excited about raw food and a healthy lifestyle!

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to show your body some appreciation by giving it good foods. The better your body feels, the better you feel about your body, and the better you feel about yourself.
Love, as always,

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