Essentials Day 5: last day

Today was the last day of the Raw Foods Essentials course, and compared to the last couple of days (especially yesterday), it wasn’t so exciting.  It was mostly reviewing everything that we have learned in the past 4 days, because we had an exam.  But we also talked about translating cooked recipes to raw recipes.  It was interesting because we all knew possibilities of ingredients that we could substitute, like flax seeds for eggs, or avocado or banana, depending on the application.  It was kind of surprising that we knew it (we also had a sheet in front of us with helpful substitutions) so easily, because we have only been in the class for a week! 

Cherie came and talked to us about the future classes we can take and such, because the conclusion of this week is also the conclusion of the Raw Foods Essentials class.  This business strategy works so well–I can’t even describe how much I wish I could at least just take the pastry class.  After she explained what the other classes go over, I want to take them as well! I guess I can just take them at another time, maybe next summer? Anyways, I’m sorry that today wasn’t so exciting, but you’ll be happy to hear that I passed my exam and got to celebrate with a lovely piece of cherry cheesecake.  The best part of attending culinary school is, well, the food.  And the incredible quality that ALL of the food has.  Just thinking about what I have learned in a few days, I can’t imagine what I will be able to learn in the next two weeks! 

Check out this “graduation” present:


One of the things that Cherie said today that really stuck with me is this: food is just the foundation.  Raw eating is a lifestyle.  Not in the way that everyone who eats raw acts the same way or anything, but people who eat raw are definitely more health conscious than the general population.  However, it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat if you aren’t getting other forms of health from your life like love, rest, happiness, etc.  So always try to find the beauty in life, stop to take in your surroundings, try to love and accept others in your life, and don’t take anything too seriously! Have fun and be yourself :)

Three things that I learned today: 

  1. Sadly, Kombucha is not a “health food”.  Almost all of the people here think it is dangerous because of something that has to do with carbon monoxide (I will have to do more research on this) and because it’s full of sugar.  
  2. You can still WAY overeat even if it is raw food (FOOD BABY TIME)
  3. The people who go through the program make the experience–I am so thankful for all the other student chefs because I really think are making me a better person.  Plus they are just super fun and funny.  Most of the students are from out of the country, so I am getting such a global perspective on things that I’ve never really thought about or appreciated before.  

This weekend we will be taking some of the science courses, so it will be all day in the classroom.  Just as a heads up, I’m sure no one wants my exact notes (that would be even more boring), so I will try my best to find something to talk about.  Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day because you deserve it! 


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