Chef Day 1

Today was another great day in the kitchen! We started off bright and early with our usual green smoothies, and they tasted better than normal for some reason (I think I was just hungrier than usual this morning).  We met a new instructor, who will be the head instructor for our Associate Chef and Instructor Training, and so far she has been a great teacher! As today was the first day of the course, we looked at the overall schedule for the next two weeks (the duration of the class) and I didn’t realize how much of the instructor training there will be! I am quite nervous because I have to do a demo of a recipe in front of everyone next week, and I hardly feel ready.  I know that there will be a lot of good life skills I can work on here, even if it is really hard to practice them, like networking/marketing and the dreaded public speaking.   I know I have gotten better over the years, and the only way to keep improving is practice, but it will take guts, so I am asking for everyone to have a little faith in me because my stock is running a bit low.

In the kitchen, however, I couldn’t be happier.  Well, maybe just a little bit, but I don’t think changing the placement of a drop of oil will make that much of a difference in the long run.  In the afternoon, we focused on asian flavors and dishes, which meant spring rolls! (Health-style of course).  I always love rolling a ton of veggies into a wrap together, so this was great! Definitely satisfying, though next time I think I will go a little bit easier with the carrots haha. 

Here are just some pictures after I put them in my dinner container (sorry, there is not much of a presentation factor here!)

The first one I wrapped in rice paper (which isn’t raw, but apparently it is a good choice and healthier to eat cooked or not at all) and the second one I put into a cabbage leaf, and it unraveled.  

In the morning, we learned how to make this “Not Tuna” Salad and I was so ecstatic about it! The “not tuna” salad sandwich is probably the thing I eat most often from the Cafe downstairs when they don’t provide us with food.  And the dish didn’t disappoint–we made some really tasty snacks (that I want to make and bring to summer school when it starts!) with it inside some nori and then a “not tuna” salad stack.  I was confused at first, but basically it was an awesome opportunity to really get creative and take the time to make the food look good.  I am quite proud of my stack, and it tasted so amazing! 

So here is the stack that I made myself for lunch! 

This is definitely something that I will take home with me and make as often as possible! I hope to play around with some variations to the recipe as well, and make it a little bit lighter (because it is made mostly from almonds and sunflower seeds).  It was a wonderful welcome back to the kitchen to keep me excited and ready to keep learning.  

Three things that I learned today:

  1. Never underestimate the power of a gigantic, delicious salad for lunch.  After the weekend without any salad, it felt like I had been awaked from some terrible dream today with the salad bar.  I took a walk after eating, and I realized about 10 minutes later that I felt completely comfortable–not hungry, not stuffed, but the perfect medium.  A good meal in your belly can make all the difference in the world. 
  2. People can surprise you.  I am getting to know this one lady in my class, and every time I inexact with her I learn something new.  When I first met her, I was somewhat taken aback, and had a hard time liking her.  But now, I feel really comfortable with her and even look up to her.  And today in class during an excursive for the instructor training portion, she shared a lot of her personal background that she didn’t need to, and it just made me understand her so much more.  Those types of connections are so incredible–forming them even more so–and one of the things I enjoy most in life.  I just never would have thought we would have this connection when I first met her.
  3. Never drink green tea before you go to bed.  Because you won’t! 


Anyways, I hope everybody has a wonderful day.  I challenge you all to keep an open mind and try to figure out why you might not get along with someone–your first impression could be off, and you might miss out on many great opportunities.  

Love, as always, 

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