Associate Chef Day 2

Well today was a successful day in the kitchen.  We started off fine-tuning the introductions we wrote about ourselves, and two by two we would introduce our parters.  This wasn’t the most stressful of exercises because it was just an introduction, but we wrote it ourselves and it was somewhat of a reflection of how we viewed ourselves and our lives.  So I was worried about being judged by other people (as I think I always am on some level), but all of the introductions were so genuine and moving that I forgot about my stress and decided that mine would be fine because I am just 19 and I haven’t done much with my life anyways.  When I got up with my partner, she read my introduction and I thought it went well, so I wasn’t even nervous when I started reading hers.  I surprised myself by being able to make eye contact with people and look up from the paper, something I haven’t really tried to do before.  Afterwards, I was real proud of my feat, no matter how small.

In the morning we learned how to make raw lasagna, and let me tell you, it is something to behold.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to perfect the flavor balance, it still turned out quite amazingly.  We put a lot of time and love into the pan, that at the final revealing, I was pretty excited.  As you can see, we ran out of room somewhat, or maybe we were just overzealous in our excitement.  It looks more like a cake than a lasagna, but hey I’ll still eat it.


And afterwards….



It took so much self-control not to eat my piece the second it touched my plate, so it tasted like heaven after the first piece finally made it to my mouth.  We had put it in the dehydrator, so it came out smelling amazing and warm–just like any other cooked lasagna.  It was wonderfully savory, and you could taste the great cheese, and spinach, and oregano…next time though, I think I will find a way to slip some pesto in there somewhere too.

IMG_5459 IMG_5461


In the afternoon, we played with some candy-like truffles.  They were very similar to stuff I had done at home, with just a little touch of professionalism haha.  Even though they were really simple and fast,  I was really proud of my little creations.  They made a wonderful sweet treat after the lasagna.


After a full day of food, I myself was full and happily satisfied.

Three things I learned today were:

  1. It is okay to be introverted.  This doesn’t necessarily have to do with culinary school specifically, but I notice that I do get a bit energy drained by the end of the day, not because of the long hours, but because I have used up a lot of my “social energy” reserve.  And it is okay to want to be by yourself, or just eat quietly.  There is nothing wrong with recuperating a little bit to maintain your sanity and stay happy!
  2. Cashew cream cheese is super easy.  I had accidentally soaked a ton of cashews more than I needed to earlier in the week, and I didn’t want them to go bad.  So, I decided to make a simple cream cheese with them, and what do you know? One cup of cashews, a half cup of water, a little bit of probiotic powder from a friend, and BANG you have a cream cheese.  The only challenge is finding something to use it with…
  3. Gourmet raw food is still kind of unhealthy.  We are learning to make all of these great dishes, but they are all super heavy on the nuts and seeds! But I guess knowing how to make something doesn’t mean you have to make it all day, everyday.  It does, however, make me really crave a really huge salad.


Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely day in overcoming small feats and remaining true to who you are.  One of my favorite things I heard today was this “we all have something in our lives we can change for the better, we just have to be open and able to see it”.  I am not sure if that was exactly how she worded it, but that was paraphrased at the most.   It just reminds me that we are never “there”, and we can always keep improving ourselves.  It is always good to remember we can keep moving forward.



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