Chef Day 4

Today was recipe development day! In the morning we still went over instructor training, today the topic was using assistants and also cards to use when giving demos and whatnot.  The instructor training stuff is really good stuff to know, but I feel so impatient, I just wish I could take it and place it in my brain without having to go through the process of learning (hah–I wish that with a lot of things school related).  I know it will help me in the future, doing whatever it is that might require any sort of planning and talking, demo-ing, and whatnot.

In the morning, we decided to work on our dessert recipe.  We didn’t end up choosing the recipe that I created, but I definitely want to try developing it at home.  Wendy’s recipe was a raw brownie with a cashew cream, and what do you know? The brownie might have been the best raw brownie any of us had tasted! (Even the instructors!)  The cashew cream was good, but had somewhat of a weird texture to it, I think it was stuck in between cherry flavored and just cashew flavored.  However, overall it was really delicious! The light cream just balanced out the dense brownie, and it was incredible!


Here is my group for the week: Wendy (from England, and also my awesome roommate) on my right and Becky (from Washington) on my left!



My favorite dessert out of them all had to be the strawberry shortcake.  It tasted just like the real thing–I didn’t even believe it could be done, but the proof is right here.  I am DEFINITELY making this when I come home.  There is nothing more that screams SUMMERTIME! to me than strawberry short cake.  Just look and try not to drool (I can’t).


The other dessert that was quite amazing–I definitely want to work with this recipe when I get back home–is a buckwheat pudding.  It was really light and didn’t have an amazingly dense source of fat for the whole thing, just buckwheat flour. And that is surprisingly nutritious!



Lunch just as wonderful as always, but we had tasted all of those desserts, and I was already pretty full.  But there is nothing wrong with more salad. Ever.  Here is just some of the soup they put out, it was a zucchini lemon with some zucchini chips stuck in them, and it was delicioouuus!



Luckily, I was still able to go on my almost daily walk with Wendy to the beach.  I had my phone with me (alive this time!) so I was able to take some pictures.  I don’t think you can see it, but there are some seals on some of the closer rocks!




In the afternoon, we decided to try out my appetizer recipe, and I was really excited.  In the morning, I had such a fun time working with that recipe, because it just fell into place from the very beginning.  However, we started off putting waaaay too much salt into it and were battling that from the start.  It was a long battle, but we managed to produce a spicy zucchini hummus!

IMG_5502 IMG_5503

For some reason, our appetizers were super special, and they got a close-up photo shoot! Here is on of my instructors doing a touch-up for the pic.  He really knows how to make it look professional! And hopefully I will be able to upload the photos tomorrow or saturday for you all.


The other dishes were incredible too–I am so surprised what people come up with every time! It is all so incredible! Anyways, it was a good day.  It just makes me wish I could play around with food all day and have a fancy photo shoot and then share the deliciousness with people.  Maybe one day I will be able to! (I guess this is kind of the point of this blog too haha).  It is just so amazing when you are able to write a recipe and see it come out successfully, I can’t even describe the feeling.

Three things I learned today:

  1. ADD THE SALT LAST TO ANY RECIPE YOU CREATE! I can’t stress this enough.  You can compensate for any other flavor balancing issue EXCEPT too salty.  That is not a fight you want to pick, my friend,. because you will never win.
  2. Healthy people have better colonics.  Sorry, but apparently its true! Becky is a colon hydro-theropist, and she explained the whole thing to me over dinner–it was so interesting!
  3. Cayenne will “bloom” in your raw recipe, so if you think you don’t have enough when you add it initially, come taste it after 15 minutes and then make your decision.

Tomorrow will be a long day because we are preparing food for two buffets, one for the public and one for invited guests.  I hope it will be interesting! Remember to love and take care of yourself, and a lot of the time that means slowing down and de-stressing after a long day.  Just get your mind off of the stress and onto things that make you happy, for me it is thinking about my family and how awesome everyone is.  Or thinking about what I am going to do in the future.  Or thinking about at least one good quality that someone has to offer, because everyone has one, you just have to figure out what it is.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day!





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