Chef Day 5: End of the Week

Today was sort of a long day, but it was exciting and rewarding, so all in all it was wonderful!  I got up early to go volunteer in the kitchen where I got to practice my knife skills a bit by cutting up produce that they are going to use for the food styling class.  We had our green smoothies like normal, though today it was particularly festive and beet-flavored.

Image  The instructor training today covered a lot of ground.  We talked about marketing your class and pricing what you do.  This could be talks, demos, classes, all-day seminars, personal coaching, and pretty much whatever you want to make of it! Talking about it all made me interested in giving talks or teaching people about eating raw.  I surprised myself in thinking about places that I could do it, ways I could get people to come, and even what I might serve as a teaser sampler at a free talk! I am not sure if I could set anything up like a small business or anything just due to the fact that I have school during the year, but maybe I could try stuff in the summer.  

We also talked about giving our demos, and specifically things to do and not do, to wear and not to wear, what to prepare and when to prepare it, and all that jazz.  I feel really nervous about it, probably because I haven’t done much to prepare yet, but also because now we are getting up close and personal with all of the small details.  But I realize that this is the best time and place to start practicing doing a demo of a recipe, especially considering I want to go out and try to go out into my community and do it.  Now I just try to talk myself into being excited about it, which I actually am if I take all my nerves and emotions out of it! 

Later on in the morning, we had a brunch with all of the food that we were preparing on wednesday, and it was wonderful to finally get a taste!  After one of our instructors gave a talk called “Why Raw?” that was open to the public, we were able to sample things from the buffet.  Our bagels were there, the almond-chia muffins, fruit, granola, as well as this kick-butt chai tea latte served with cashew cream.  (Here is a picture I snagged of it, sorry about the quality–I felt weird about getting up close and personal with the muffins when everyone else was standing around it in line)Image

In the end, I way overate, so I went on a walk with Wendy.  I am so happy it is becoming a regular thing! The seals were out again, so I made sure to get some pictures for you all, they are the little shiny white parts on the rocks. Luckily it was good weather, as it has been all but one day here.  I still lose my breath every time I get even close to Glass Beach.  



In the afternoon we went into production for the big Catered Chef Dinner, where we all volunteered for preparing one dish/course for the dinner.  Somehow, I volunteered to be a team leader on the dessert–which apparently took some sort of an artistic eye.  I worked on it the entire time, and put the design of chocolate on all of my plates (36!). I then stressed out about plating all of the ice cream minutes before serving it while serving all of the tables. Let me just say, I have a lot of respect for anyone who serves food, because it takes a lot of skill! It was actually pretty fun because everyone was running around trying to get all of the plates perfectly consistent and out to be served on time.  Ultimately, the dinner was wonderful and ran smoothly even though there were some bumps along the way.  

Here are some pictures from production: 


Here are some close-ups of the first course appetizer, which was a pesto almond feta torte with crackers, and the caesar salad: 


Here are some of the pictures of my dessert! It was a cashew vanilla ice cream with a brownie crumble on the top served with a chocolate silk sauce and strawberries. I am actually quite proud, even though I was super nervous going into it.  Everyone seemed to love it, and I thought it was pretty nice too hehe. In the second picture I am with Deirdre, who was my assistant in making all of the desserts! 



Three things that I learned today:

  1. Serving food is a LOT harder than it looks.  Maybe I got caught up in all of the nerves and trying to remember if you serve on the left and clear on the right or vise-versa or maybe I am just uncoordinated, but I definitely found something I should really practice before I try it again.  
  2. It takes a village to feed a village
  3. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be rewarding, and its the only way you can really learn anything. And as my roommate Wendy told me today: 

 If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. 

I hope you all go out and make sure to challenge yourself just a little bit every day, even if it means doing one squat or pushup, or speaking up when you want to say something.  Anyways, have a wonderful day because you are just that! 





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