Food Styling

What a great day! Today was a one day course on food styling, and it was so much more relaxing and fun compared to all of the other classes.  Not that the other classes aren’t fun, because they really are, but today was a really chill day where we got to learn about how to make food look good.  And then we basically had all the time in the world to set up some of our own shots.  So basically, I was able to get creative and have fun with my camera and not worry about having a dish done by a certain time.  Plus, I got to learn a lot of cool tricks that professional stylists use (I will never look at a picture of a bowl of soup the same again!) 

In the morning, we got an introduction to food staying, and talked about the important concepts and tools used.  Then we learned how to plate a salad and a sandwich, and then got to get our hands dirty.  Who knew crisco could be an ingredient of something so innocent? It acted as the base for the lettuce, so even though it might look good, this food is mostly not edible. In fact, I did feel pretty wasteful most of the time.  Here are some of my favorite shots though!



In the afternoon, we talked about actually taking pictures with your camera and also blogs and whatnot.  It was really exciting for me, because the longer I did this, the more I wanted to do it. This makes me really want to try to take my blog to the next level and make it a really good food blog, and try to do it as a job. Who knows if I will get there (thanks for those following now, because you give me hope!) We also got to plate some soup and some pasta.  The soup blew my mind with the techniques that stylists use (shh, I think I have to keep it a secret…) to make everything look good and keep still.  I was able to shoot my pasta dish up on the really good camera Living Light uses, and it was really cool to see it up on the big screen! I still took some pictures afterwards with all of the cool props they had laid out for other people’s use…


I definitely put more effort into the pasta cause I knew that was going to be shot by a photographer who knew what she was doing haha. I also had more fun taking pictures and couldn’t pick the best few…



Three things I learned today:

  1. I like food styling! It is like art with food–you even use paint brushes! 
  2. The food used in food styling is quite inedible (especially anything done professionally).  Just today, as a beginner, I used cotton balls and vaseline in my food (I bet you can’t tell where!), but people use hairspray, glycerin, and a lot of crazy stuff…
  3. Potatoes are a key ingredient of styling any soup.  that or agar agar. 


Tomorrow starts my last week of Living Light, and I am kind of sad and hope it goes slow.  Especially because I don’t want my demo to come yet! Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely day, and took the time to really put your effort into something you enjoy.  Even if it means taking a couple extra minutes making your breakfast or cleaning up something for yourself, or taking a short walk outside to enjoy the weather. 



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