Chef Day 9

I did it! I made it through my demo! I am so proud of myself! It went actually pretty well, my instructors said that I covered everything that I had to, and they didn’t need to add any instructions afterwards.  And everybody told me that I did a nice job, so I am just going to go with that.  It is so weird, I have no idea how to judge myself at all.  I just remember how weird it was to have everybody’s attention on me; when I wasn’t talking it was just silent, and it felt really weird! Afterwards, I felt almost more nervous because I wasn’t sure how I had done.  Now, a couple hours after the fact, I feel so relieved and, well, ready to graduate!

Today was the last day of any hands-on work as well as the last day of demos.  Everyone did so well! I was so happy for everyone.  The food that we made today was really good too! For lunch we made the food I had demoed: Enchiladas de Verdura! They were sooo tasty I couldn’t even believe it.  I ate a lot for lunch (also because it was my last lunch here!) This is what they looked like before we put them in the dehydrator to warm up and plated them up to look pretty.

IMG_5566 IMG_5567

The next thing we made–and I could hardly contain my excitement–was dolmas! I have only experienced vegetarian dolmas, but they are some of my favorite things to eat.  We learned how to roll them all up, and we made some filling made up of (you guessed it) zucchini rice.  When I tried them, I was somewhat disappointed, mostly because we didn’t soak the grape leaves as much as I thought would be optimal.  The first bite I had was made of fighting my way through the leaf to the inside, but once I got there, the filling tasted really great! I want to try to work with these to get them up to my expectations.  I was, however, quite proud of my leaf-rolling skills.

IMG_5574  IMG_5576


We ate them for dinner along with a greek Horiatiki salad and some hummus, for a complete Mediterranean meal.  This is the wonderful setup that they do, and then my plate filled with the great dishes!

IMG_5577 IMG_5578


It was quite a bittersweet day, because we all realized that it was our last day in the kitchen together.  I am happy that I got my demo done, but now I have the mental capacity and focus to realize that the end is very near.

Three things that I learned today:

  1. Red bell pepper is almost used just as much as zucchini in raw food.  Though I don’t think anything other than water us used more in the raw food world more than zucchini.
  2. Paprika is basically made up red bell pepper powder.  See what I mean about #1?
  3. I am able to give an effective demo of a recipe–one that has a lot going on in it.  How empowering is that??

I hope that you all set challenges for yourself because you will have such a great feeling of accomplishment afterwards that it is worth it every now and again.  And I know I’ve said this before, but how else can you expect to grow or improve at all? That being said, I am not so sure the next time I go to do anything like this again.  At least I know that I’ve done it once, and I can do it again if I put my mind to it! Have a wonderful day!


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