Last Day of Chef

Last day! I am so excited…I got my certificate! I am now a certified associate chef and instructor in raw food.  This experience has been so amazing, I have learned so much in my time here.  It is weird to think that it is already over.  

All we did today was take our test and then get our certificates, plus some graduation pie, as always.  It was so delicious! But it definitely tasted like something I could make at home by myself (not in a bad way though, it is actually kind of inspiring).  It looked wonderful though, check it out:


All that I had to do was pack my bag in a way that it comes out to be less than 50 pounds.  Let me tell you–it was quite the challenge.  I think it took me an hour of putting books in, taking them out, putting my pants in there (jeans actually weigh more than you think…) weighing it, and any or all other combinations that could work of the sort.  Anyways, I think I just have to say goodbye to my toiletries (the heavy liquid ones) and some old tennis shoes, but I think I have completed the challenge.  All of this effort has been inspired by the $100 fee for anything over 50 pounds allotted to you per bag.  I plan to donate all of my stuff to a homeless shelter that is looking for stuff like that, so none of it will go to waste, at least.  

Three things that I learned today:

  1. For any certificate that you get at Living Light (and I am now just assuming for anything other than a school diploma or anything) you should just put your first and last name.  I wanted to put my middle name in mine, and I felt really embarrassed that I was the only one with it…so I avoided showing anybody as much as possible haha.  Maybe normal adults don’t really care about the formality? Who knows? Now I do…
  2. The British say the boot of the car instead of the trunk.  Pretty interesting!
  3. Kale doesn’t grow in France.  How weird is that? 

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and remember to be proud of yourself! You have done amazing things, and you can continue to if you just put your mind to it.  

Love as always, 


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