A Monthly Reading

Hello to all!

I am so happy that it is February! A new month means a new beginning, and my goal for the month is to read one book for fun.  Hopefully I can keep this up.  I want to try to read a book a month at least and try to share some great nutrition/thoughtful books (they will be non-fiction, most likely).

The book I’ve been reading for the past week is called I Need Your Love–Is That True? by Byron Katie. I have been listening to it in an audiobook form–hey it still counts–while I walk around campus, and I CANNOT STOP.  It is so incredible! The basic concept behind the book is questioning thoughts that give you pain, like “I need your love”.  It can be applied to almost any and every thought.  She asks a series of questions to interrogate a thought.  “Is that true?”, “Who would you be without this thought?”, “Turn it around” (as in I don’t need your love, or I need my own love).  How empowering and freeing it can be!

So far, I have been using it to question thoughts like “my body isn’t hot enough” or “I need/want a boyfriend”.  What I am really looking for is my own approval and all I need to see are the things that are wonderful about my life because I am exactly where I am (single, with a hard-working body).  There is nothing and nobody who can take that away from me!

I highly suggest reading it, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, whether you feel like you have problems with yourself or others.  It makes for a very freeing and interesting read, even if all you do is read all is read the conversations . I hope you pick it up and feel the same way!

You deserve total and complete approval and love from yourself, even if you need a reminder.  Have a wonderful day and I will see you soon for a recipe!


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