Photo Friday!

Welcome to Photo Friday!

I have decided that I need an outlet for some creativity, as well as a way to track the (hopeful) progress of my picture taking skills, so I decided I am going to post at least one picture every friday.  Since we are at the beginning, many of these will be throw-backs to early things that I either didn’t use for a post or are just life and whatnot.  So stay tuned to see the exciting adventure that is some of my favorite pictures!


These were some crazy beet! We got them for a salad favorite of ours, which requires cubing and roasting beets and butternut squash (put it on a bed of arugula and top it with a dijon dressing and it is delicious!).  From the outside, these looked like normal, red/purple beets, but once we cut into them, we found that they were striped! I have never seen beets like these before, and I was so entranced. They were so beautiful, and I just couldn’t help to wonder how in the world they could grow so that they’d turn out this way! (If anyone has theories, I would love to hear them!)


This was a spinach plant from the Stone Barn in New York, which is this incredible farm right outside of NYC. This little plant was one of hundreds in a bed in the greenhouse there.  It was so gorgeous–all the bright green-blue shininess caught my eye.  The leaves just look so sturdy, and vibrant…I fell in love at first sight!IMG_9523

These are just a few of my recent pictures…Next week I’ll showcase some of the great dishes we cooked in our cooking class at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

What are some things that you all like to take pictures of? Are you more of a selfie-taker, or do you like to take pictures with other people, or portraits of people? Or are you like me and more obsessed with close-ups?

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to check back next Photo Friday!


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