Minimalist Baker Falafel


Happy Weekday Night To All!

I one of my goals this year is to make more new recipes (which is so much more fun outside of a dorm where you have your own kitchen), though it is difficult because I am also a very lazy chef on weeknights.  I don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes in the kitchen, and I always seem to think I will batch cook on a monday night (spoiler alert: I never do).  But tonight, I had all of the ingredients for this wonderful falafel recipe from the Minimalist Baker, so I figured why not give it a go?

This turned out to be good! It isn’t necessarily what I think of when I think falafel, which might have to do with the fact that I cooked them in more burger-like shapes than falafel… They are, however, very hearty and satisfying.  Whether you call them falafel or chickpea burgers, they are a must try for people who like eating food.  Especially green foods.

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical of the cooking time.  In the recipe, Dana says it takes 20 minutes total, but for me it took closer to 30 or 40 minutes (especially taking dishes into account).  It was, however, very lazy-chef-approved.  All you do is toss the ingredients into the blender, then mix it in a bowl and toss it on the stove.  And BAM you are done.  It made me about 5 small and 3 larger patties, so if you are cooking for one, congrats! You now have protein patties for the week!



I would definitely recommend trying this out–feed yourself and your health and have a wonderful day!


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