Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Hello to all!

I am so happy right now that I HAD to write and tell you about my awesome experiment! Mission: Gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi–ACCOMPLISHED!! I dreamed about doing this since I learned how to make gnocchi from scratch in my Italian cooking class, but I wasn’t sure I’d actually do it.  And it wasn’t until today and I was thinking of a low (ish) fiber dinner ideas for my recovering-from-sickness stomach that it popped into my head!

It is so easy to make, too.  And it is so dense, yummy, chewy, comforting, and satisfying that I don’t know why anyone WOULDN’T make this!! Except for time…this is not a 30 minute recipe.  More like 1.5 hours, but it goes by very quickly.  But if you have a not busy night, please make this!!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi (GF, DF)
Produces 2 large Servings

1 large sweet potato
1 egg (best quality you can find!)
2 cups GF all purpose flour (I used Trader Joe’s)
Pinch of salt
Tomato Sauce to serve

Peel, quarter, and boil the sweet potato until you can easily stick a fork in it.
2.  Saving the water, remove and mash the sweet potato until smooth.
3.  Add the egg and mix until smooth.
4. Add all of the salt and then the flour a little at a time. You may find that it doesn’t need all of the 2 cups, or you might even need more.  Look for a doughy consistency that will stick to itself more than your hands.
5.  Roll a handful of the dough out into a long strip, about the size of a full carrot. The diameter will be just a bit shorter than the end-product of your gnocchi. (I found I liked them smaller than larger!)
6. Cut the roll into 3/4-inch chunks.
7. Place one chunk at a time onto a fork, with the short side of the gnocchi pointing off the side of the fork, and roll it on the tongs so that you get a ridged edge.
8.  Once all the gnocchi have been rolled, place them into boiling water in batches.  One batch should be enough to cover the bottom of the pan.
9.  Remove the gnocchi once they float to the surface.  Set aside or into a frying pan on medium heat and cover with tomato sauce.

I was ready to sprinkle these babies with nutritional yeast, but I found that they were simply delicious simply covered in a basic tomato sauce.  You could try one of your favorites, or a pesto, or a simple garlic sauteed in olive oil!

Tada! Here are your gnocchi! I hope you all have a wonderful end of your week and think about making these tiny sweet-potato-based morsels of deliciousness over the weekend!

Love, (as always)


ps.  I am sorry I don’t have any pictures to post–I uploaded all my pictures to my snapchat story and conveniently forgot to save them! Maybe I’ll update them the next time I make these…

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