Phrase of the Day: it’s all just a journey

“A journey of one thousand miles starts with a single step”


Well today is one of those days where I feel like I am able to take a step back (or a  few) and really look at my life. From the big picture. I realized that it’s all just a journey. This time of year is the time of reflection before the new year starts in a few weeks, and its amazing what some observations can do.

I recently heard that you can’t get to where you want to go unless you have a map and,  more importantly, your bearings. You can’t use the map unless you know where you are, which is why this time of year is so insightful!

Taking a step back from this thought, it made me realize that life is just a journey. We are constantly on the move, and looking up where we want to be heading down the long run, but dealing with the highlights and obstacles on the road where we are at the moment.  And sometimes you need to look back and say, “I think I want to go there again” or “do that thing again” or “let’s not go down that road again”.

What are the things you learned from this year? Things that made you feel good, deep down to the soul, things that were tough to go through but gave you clarity into your true soul. Where are you going to set your sights for now that you know here things?

For me, I know that I can’t overwhelm myself with responsibilities (even if I enjoy them all), and that I want to be a health coach. I  am just a girl trying her best to stay true to her most authentic self and help others have the strength to as well. Let’s take care of ourselves this year.
Much love,


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