Judging yourself? Turn it into something helpful

Have you ever just had it with that inner voice that judges yourself? It’s that “obnoxious roommate”, as Arianna Huffing says, that tells you you are too this or not enough that.  Well guess what?

img_5853You are not your thoughts. You have a mind, but you are not your mind.

The first step in spacing yourself from that “obnoxious roommate” is to recognize that she is not you! You are a kind soul and deep down, is that how you would talk to a friend or loved one?  Exactly.

Next step, turn that judgement into observation. What about that judgement may be objectively true? As the example given in The Mindful Twenty-Something, by Holly B. Rogers,  turn your mind’s thought “I am so lazy” into “I am experiencing low energy”. Instead of automatically jumping to the “I always do x“, take a step out of the emotions and belief in that story your mind tells you. Turn into “I have a history of doing x at this point in the day”, for example.

Recognize that you don have to operate or be held to that belief and story you are telling yourself.  Seriously, take a breath right now and feel yourself let go of that little story by letting go of the judgement.  So now you can say, why do I have low energy? What can I do about it? What would you rather be feeling? How can you get there?

Think about all of the possibilities you can bring to your life by letting yourself go past the judgement by coming at it from an open-minded perspective.  This is where growth can start to occur.

Instead of putting yourself down, ask yourself why you are feeling down and what you need to do to bring yourself back up.

Remember, you are always free to love yourself, your body, and your life.


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