Leaving meals uncomfortably full? Here’s what to do! 

Have you ever left a meal uncomfortably full and thinking “when on earth did I get so full?”  This happens to me many times around the holidays. My family shares my love for food and all things related to it, and so we have many foods we like to make and enjoy when we get together for special occasions. It doesn’t help when your entire family is full of great cooks. When eating, I am so focused on how good the food is that suddenly the meal is over and I feel stuffed and ready to slip into a food coma.  The best way I have found to help feeling great after eating a meals is simply mindfulness. So here are my favorite ways to easily incorporate mindfulness into your routine. This is for anybody who wants to practice more mindful eating and investigate their own satiety cues. 

7 Ways To Listen To Satiety Cues

  1. Eat slow.  Taking the time to chew your food allows to you really taste what you are eating and have time to respond to your stomach telling you it’s full! Try putting your fork down between bites and take a full breath between each. 
  2. Take Deep Breaths. This stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, or the “rest and digest” system, that tells your body to focus on the meal at hand.  Being able to focus on your meal (i.e. not stressing!) helps you digest your meal better, enjoy it more, and leave you more satisfied afterwards! 
  3. Eat until you are 80% full. This gives you a window to work with 
  4. Sit up straight. I find that It’s easier to be in touch with your stomach when you are already more in tune with your body and conscious of how it feels to be aligned. 
  5. Unplug. Whether you are trying to keep your work with you through your lunch break or you want to relax during your dinner to your favorite TV show, technilogy distracts you from how full you are. I know this is difficult, but try…
  6. Eat in company of your favorite people. No need to be plugged into technology when you are connectin with a friend! 
  7. Eat with your non-dominant hand.  It makes you eat slower, focus on the food that you put in your mouth, and appreciate every bite a bit more because of the extra effort.  Plus, it is fun to see how well you can use your nondominat hand and how much you rely on your dominant hand. 

These tips are super easy and fun for virtually anybody searching to feel completely and comfortable satisfied after eating.  

Now I want to turn it into you.  Do you have a helpful tip to walking away from the table satisfied but not overly full? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always,


2 thoughts on “Leaving meals uncomfortably full? Here’s what to do! 

  1. Hi Lucy! LOVE all of these recommendations for mindful eating! :)
    One thing I like to do is wait at least 5 minutes before getting seconds. This allows me to really tune in to whether of not my body is really in need of more food.

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