As Difficult Changes Approach

Spring is both the best and worst time, depending on where you are in life.  As a “would-be” college senior  taking an extra year, watching most of my best friends around me about graduate is one of the most difficult parts of the year.  And it’s not just me. This is a hard time for those graduating too! Don’t get me wrong, in the cocktail of emotions everyone is feeling there is excitiemt for the future, relief for the hard work to be over, and pride for graduating. But these hard goodbyes to people and places, the fear of change, or other tough feels seem impossible to deal with at times. 

This doesn’t apply to just graduation and spring–it happens with any big change happening in life. Can you relate? Maybe you’re going through a breakup, accepting a new job, moving to a new state, or facing any change in your life–good or bad. 

First, listen to yourself! Feel the sadness or fear, anxiety, and sit with it for a second.  Why are you feeling this way? What may be triggering it? Is it logical? The more you deny your feelings, the harder they will try to rise to the surface.  Once you acknowledge your feelings, moving forward on is easier and faster than denial. 

Second, tell yourself it’s okay to feel this way! If you are feeling it, it is a valid emotion. 

Third, ask yourself 

What opportunities can come from this change?

 This question is a great way to reframe your situation. You can control how you look at your life, starting with how you perceive the little joys along with great challenges. 

So ask yourself where the opportunities for growth can come from in this change. Then get excited about them! Maybe you will have time to pick up that hobby that you’ve been wanting to do. Maybe you’ll have more time to devote to that group of people you wish you spent more time with. Maybe you have the opportunity to meet a ton of new people! 

Life is made up of a cycle of changes, and the more you are able to flow with and accept them, the happier you can be in your everyday life! 

Hang in there, 

Love, Lucy 

Show Up Before You’re Ready

Today I bring you the motivational/directional phrase:

Show Up Before You’re Ready

There are so many things that I find I want to do, but don’t actually do them…and the most common culprit behind my block is that I DON’T FEEL READY.  But you know what I’ve learned? You never feel ready!  What makes me feel qualified or even comfortable doing anything is the confidence I’ve gained from both succeeding and failing at what I want to do.  So, what can you do about it?

  1. Accept that you don’t feel ready….then do the thing.  Sometimes just recognizing the fact that you may not be (in fact, most of us aren’t) experts at anything the first time we try it.  Going into an activity with a blank slate (i.e. no expectations) makes it easier to push yourself to take that first step.
  2. Hold compassion for yourself.  When you expect someone to say “you’ll get it next time” or “you tried your best” to yourself, it provides a safe space that helps you step into the arena and become vulnerable. (If you have not come accross Brene Brown’s work, you must.  She does amazing work, especially that around vulnerability).  Who would want to try something when they knew they were being judged no matter what or how they did it.  So why hold that environment for yourself when there is something deep down you know you must try for yourself?
  3. Repeat the activity.  Only through experience (sounds a lot like expert, right?) can you feel comfortable with that new level of growth that eventually makes you feel READY to move onto the stepping stone after that.

And thus, opportunities arise and life takes us to places we never could have dreamed. Stay true to yourself and don’t be afraid to express your authentic self to the world.  That is the reason you are here, right?

Much love, as always,

Phrase of the Day: it’s all just a journey

“A journey of one thousand miles starts with a single step”


Well today is one of those days where I feel like I am able to take a step back (or a  few) and really look at my life. From the big picture. I realized that it’s all just a journey. This time of year is the time of reflection before the new year starts in a few weeks, and its amazing what some observations can do.

I recently heard that you can’t get to where you want to go unless you have a map and,  more importantly, your bearings. You can’t use the map unless you know where you are, which is why this time of year is so insightful!

Taking a step back from this thought, it made me realize that life is just a journey. We are constantly on the move, and looking up where we want to be heading down the long run, but dealing with the highlights and obstacles on the road where we are at the moment.  And sometimes you need to look back and say, “I think I want to go there again” or “do that thing again” or “let’s not go down that road again”.

What are the things you learned from this year? Things that made you feel good, deep down to the soul, things that were tough to go through but gave you clarity into your true soul. Where are you going to set your sights for now that you know here things?

For me, I know that I can’t overwhelm myself with responsibilities (even if I enjoy them all), and that I want to be a health coach. I  am just a girl trying her best to stay true to her most authentic self and help others have the strength to as well. Let’s take care of ourselves this year.
Much love,