Chef Day 8

What a day! I think today as the long haul of demos–I can’t even remember the number.  But everyone did an awesome job, even the people who thought they were totally going to fall apart.  I feel a little bit more pressure to do well now because of all this success! I did a practice run through in my room without all of my materials, and it didn’t go as well as I had originally planned so now I am a bit nervous. At least I have done a mini run-through and can know what to expect? 

Anyways, the hands on in the kitchen was wonderful! Definitely one of the tastiest days yet! In the morning we made some raw quiches, which I thought were quite delicious on their own, and just reminiscent of a cooked quiche with eggs and whatnot.  That being said, I am definitely going to make this recipe when I go home.  We even decorated them just to be fancy ;) ImageImageImageImageImage

These crusts would ROCK as a pizza crust as well! That is pretty much all I could think of as I ate mine. These pictures are pre-dehyration, and they did shrink quite a bit, but the taste was definitely not compromised. 

In the afternoon, we shaped some corn tortillas (which I will be using for my demo tomorrow…eeek!) and started the dehydration process.  I just quickly took a picture, but I wanted to show you how beautifully colored they are before they go into the dehydrator.  I got very zen when I was shaping these, I kind of realized it half way through that this is exactly the connection that I love with food.  I was able to just meditate with my tortillas for a few minutes while the crazy went on around me.  


In the afternoon we also made some kale cole slaw and had gastronomy with some Zoom Burgers that we prepared in the morning.  I must say that these burgers might be one of the best things to happen to raw food–they have such a satisfying taste and feel to them that I would be happy with this version over a beef burger any day.  (It’s on kind of a huge deal.) We also got to sample some of the condiments that were made in the demos today as well as some onion rings! They were a bit sweet for me, but I grew to really like the taste.  Here is just a picture of the set up they had for us at the end of a long day.


I was so excited to plate mine up.  I naively thought that I might save some for later and not eat it all there on the spot, so I put my stuff in my take-away container made of corn starch instead of a nice plate.  I was wrong.  But here is what my corntainer looked like. 



Three things that I learned today:

  1. People are funny.  (As my wise grandma says.  She is so spot on)
  2. Raw cashew mayonnaise is almost good enough to eat by itself.  But then it is so good because it tastes so much like mayonnaise that you don’t want to keep eating it by itself.  
  3. People don’t really change that much from high school or college. I am still finding that even though people might, in fact, be older and have aged, they revert back to school days when you get them back into the classroom.  I am still noticing people who are “the stresses” (the people that stress way too much), “the slackers” (the people who still manage to get away doing less work than everyone else), “the bookworms” (the people who want to do everything exactly right and follow the rules), and “the hard workers” (they can be synonymous with the bookworms) from my experience in high school and college! It is so weird for me to see, because I expected people not to seem so much like people my age, but here they are, back in school, and I guess you can’t blame them? 

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I am off to get as much rest as I can before I have my demo tomorrow.  The big day! Don’t worry, I will tell you all about the wonderful experience I will have tomorrow.