Strawberry Chocolate (healthy!) Soft Serve Smoothie

Anyone who says strawberries and chocolate aren’t amazing is crazy.  Anyone who says strawberries and chocolate in the form of ice cream isn’t delicious, satisfying, dreamy creamy, and can just leave now.

I am the first to say that everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences, so at okay if maybe this isn’t your jam. I just am also the first to say that chocolate has been the love of my life (sorry boys, the bar is set pretty high because of it…) and that chocolate ice milkshakes is the reason I denied my body’s negative response to dairy for over a year.  And this smoothie is the reason I can live without the dairy…

This is smooth and thick and sweet and decadent and sexy (okay maybe Ithats taking it too far…) and fit for literally any meal of the day.  The first time I made this recipe, I made it twice in a day because that is literally all I wanted to eat.  So if smoothies are your thing, definitely try this one out.

This is hearsay recipe that is going to fill you up with sustained energy throughout the day!! It is cold, thick, chocolates, sweet…all the things you’d look for in soft serve.

serves 1 bowl or 2 cups 

1/2 cup almond milk (no more!!)
3 Tbs chia seeds
1 large handful spring mix
1 Tbsp cacao
1-2 Tbsp almond butter
1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/2 cup ice

Toss all ingredients in a high speed blender. Use a tamper to get all ingredients blended! If no tamper SAFELY use a wooden spoon, making sure to keep it out of the range of the blades. Top with any favorite toppings (shredded coconut, bee pollen, nut butter, cacao, berries, etc.) Serve immediately and spoon with a smile :)

Messy Grain Bowl 

During the throws of a semester, an everyday sort of lunch that I pack for myself is one of my favorite all-time meals: MESSY GRAIN BOWLS. This usually looks like a quinoa or other complex carb oh top of kale with zucchini and/or mushrooms, with beans and/or tofu, avocado, and my favorite dressing. It is super simple, super fast, super easy, and you can prep it early in the week.

The most important part of this bowl is the first word: messy.  It is supposed to be tossed together, not look perfect, and definitely should be made with anything in your fridge. This is particularly great for any veg that you have small or awkward amounts left over after the weekend or even week.  This bowl is health and delicious, so there’s no need to stress about your lunch.

Here’s how to do it.

Messy Grain Bowl

2 handfuls of greens
(try kale, spinach, spring mix, romaine…)

1/2 cup grain of choice
(quinoa is my fav, but brown rice is always a close second)

1/2 cup veggies
(try zucchini and onion, bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, mushrooms…)

1/2 -1 cup beans of choice
(garbanzo, black, kidney…) or protein source (tempeh, tofu, or other sustainable meat source)

healthy fat source
(1/2 avocado, a handful of sunflower seeds, 1-2 Tbsps chia seeds…)

Other toppings/seasonings:

  • Nutritional yeast (if you haven’t put this on salad, TRY IT. You will thank me)
  • Oregano, thyme, cilantro, basil
  • Spirulina, Chlorella, wheatgrass powder (though if you are new to these, try a tiny spring at first because these flavors are very strong!)

Dressing: 1-2 Tbsp of your favorite dressing, lemon juice, simple apple cider vinegar and olive oil, or even try a mix of salsa and hummus (which can take the place of beans!)

Empty out your fridge and give it a try! And remember, it is especially important to take care of yourself when you are facing more stress and less time in your day.  Show yourself that you love you by planning ahead to pack a great lunch you’ll appreciate when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Loving yourself is a practice!

Love, as always,

Tomato Quinoa Buddha Bowl

Calling all Lazy Chefs!

This simple, one-bowl dinner is a MUST TRY.  This is not a drill.  I repeat: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This is definitely the most I have enjoyed a meal that I put such little effort into.  Ever.  Please make this and make yourself happy.  And your stomach.  And your tongue.  And your nose (’cause it smells good).  And your crazy life with little time, because this took 20 minutes tops, including clean up, from start to finish.  Maybe 25 if you are a dilly-dally-er.

Okay, not only is this super simple and fast, it requires very few ingredients.  For instance, I literally cannot remember the last time I went grocery shopping (2 my card record says my most recent trip to Martin’s was 16 days ago), and I was able to make this from what I had in my pantry.

And this bowl simply feels so incredibly nourishing.  Granted I still may be on the high after eating this magic concoction, but the fact that there is such a high has gotta tell you it is incredible.   Anyway, I have been feeling quite terrible and sick all day (hence the miniscule amount of effort put into making this), and I feel so much better already.  It is warm, comforting, and full of umami deliciousness.


Serves 1 belly

1/3 cup quinoa, dry
1/3 -1/2 cup favorite tomato sauce
1/4 yellow onion, diced
4-5 mushrooms, sliced
1/2-1 Tbsp olive oil (though coconut could’ve done well too)
2 Eggs
2 caps of raw apple cider vinegar (a.c.v.)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Garlic powder (optional, but recommended)
Dried Oregano (optional, but strongly recommended)
Cayenne powder (optional, but recommended)

1.  OPTIONAL: Soak quinoa with 1 cap of apple cider vinegar and enough water to cover it preferably overnight or for a couple of hours.  I only soaked mine for 1 or 2.  For minimal effort, leave this step out; for maximal nutrition, definitely include it!
2. Pour the quinoa and enough water to cover it (use the water and a.c.v. from step 1 of you did it) into a small pot over high heat and bring to a boil.
3. Reduce the quinoa to a simmer and cover for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
[Laziness tip: don’t measure out the water, pour it 1-2 inches above the level of the quinoa and let it boil uncovered until the quinoa has soaked up all the water, and the excess has evaporated.]
4.  Once the quinoa is cooked, add the tomato sauce and season to taste! Place this part into your bowl first.
5While quinoa is cooking, heat the oil and add onions in a pan over medium heat.  Cook until browned.
6. Add the mushrooms to the pan and turn the heat to medium-high.  Cook until the mushrooms have browned.
7. Once the onions and mushrooms are done (and smell amaaaazing!) Place them on top of  your quinoa in your budding Buddha bowl.
8.  In a small pot, bring water (at least 3 or 4 inches) and a cap-full of a.c.v. to a gentle boil/vigorous simmer.
9. Stir a slotted spoon in a circular motion to create a whirlpool, then add 1 egg to the middle.  (It helps keep the egg intact if you crack the it into a bowl first and slide it into water.)
10.  Let the egg cook for at least 2 minutes, or until the white feels firm, but the yolk still feels soft.  Then remove with the slotted spoon and place on top of your quinoa and mushrooms.
11. Repeat the poaching process with your second egg and season both with salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne, etc…

To make this even more nutritious, “pre-game” it with some sauerkraut or any other fermented food of choice (kombucha anyone?) beforehand!

While this is delicious as is, I would have added some goodies if I had them lying around.  For instance: avocado, sprouts, sauteed greens, paprika, etc… Some crushed almonds or other nut might do well for the crunch factor too!


IMG_3032Please do yourself a huge favor and go make this for your next lunch or dinner or any other meal (eggs mean breakfast, am I right?).  It is so good and takes so little effort!! Stay healthy, and remember  to take care of yourself and that you deserve rest.